Women Elevated opens this week to serve military women in TennesseeWomen Elevated is a nonprofit organization whose services will include hot meals, laundry facilities, temporary housing, job placement and classes in resume-building and credit-score building.
Love for journalism turns into Army career“I’m glad to know that I’ve made some impact on some journalists..."
The body of the first bad-ass woman veteran is somehow missingThe remains of “Captain Molly,” the first women soldier in the American Army are a mystery.
Women In Military Service Memorial: 20 years of smashing glass ceilingsIt's a chance to look at the women to your left and walking through the site and say "thank you," and not just "thank you for your service," but "thank you for enduring what you did so that I could be where I am today."
VA’s changes to women’s health makes access betterThe VA just adopted American Cancer Society standards for early breast cancer detection. Here's why that's great news for veterans!
VA suicide prevention saving more livesSuicide is on the rise in the country and veterans are far from immune, but the VA is having an effect.
Army vet breaks barriers for women and gaysAs the military struggles with policies for transgender service members, it wasn’t long ago that gays and women weren’t welcome in combat.
Hey women vets! Wanna learn about benefits and laugh too?The 2017 National Women Veterans Summit will be held on August 25 - 26 in Houston, Texas.
Veteran pushes for women empowerment in career networkingWhen Brooke Jones-Chinetti left the U.S. Army in 2015, finding a network of women for mentorship and career advice was tough.
Women veteran privacy is a top concern for the VAVA’s Center for Women Veterans was created by Congress in 1994 and is a major force behind the agency’s push for better care for women veterans.
Women veterans are significantly different than male vets (more than you think)The Center for Women Veterans was established by an act of Congress to monitor and coordinate programs and benefits for women. 
Art opening doors for women veteransThe Women Veterans Art Exhibit is a collaboration between Center for Women Veterans and the Veterans Art Project.

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