Looking for a job? Here are the 4 best sites for veterans to use.We did the Googling for you! If you're seeking employment post-deployment, here's where to get started.
If these hulls could talk: Accounts from Vietnam-bound soldiersThanks to the Vietnam Graffiti Project we know exactly what some 5,000 troops felt along their journey to Vietnam aboard the 608-foot-long U.S.N.S. General Nelson M. Walker.
White House's VA complaint hotline staffed solely by vetsThe number to the complaint hotline is 855-948-2311.
Are way too few minority veterans seeking help from the VA?The results of a study published in March, says Center Director Barbara Ward, indicate many of the estimated five million minority veterans are wary of seeking help from the VA.
Patriot Guard Riders offer final respects to fallen USS Fitzgerald sailor“These guys all feel the need to make sure that we honor our vets, and that’s why we’re here,” says ride captain Michael Bu
Happy Purple Heart Day! Here are three things you probably didn't know about the awardTo help celebrate one of our nation's highest honors, let's clear up three misconceptions about the medal.
Virginia is for lovers and prostate cancer treatmentProstate cancer is the second most common form of cancer among American men.
Trump announces new ways to help veterans get medical careThe government wants to make it easier for veterans to get medical care and is promoting new ways to use technology to help.
Former head of veterans hospital in nation's capital firedThe former director of the veterans hospital in the nation's capital has been fired after audits found mismanagement at the facility.
Legislation calls for 7 new VA medical clinics in FloridaU.S. Sen. Bill Nelson says lawmakers have authorized seven new medical facilities for veterans in Florida.
Women veteran privacy is a top concern for the VAVA’s Center for Women Veterans was created by Congress in 1994 and is a major force behind the agency’s push for better care for women veterans.
Virginia's governor on why his state is the best place for veteransVirginia has the fastest growing veteran population in the United States, as well as more female veterans and more veterans under the age of 25 than any other state.

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