Artists wanted for National Veterans Day poster contest
Veterans Community Showcase: Richard Baumgarten, B-24 Crew Chief“We got prepared for the mission, knowing there was a good possibility that we’d never return.” Meet Richard Baumgarten, WWII veteran, as he continues talking about an August day in 1945.
Don't just thank meThe best way to honor our veterans is by reflecting on the reasons that brought them to war in the first place.
Veterans Community Showcase: Derek Hendershot, the Marine working nonstop for the vet communityHe's heavily involved with both the Global War on Terror Wall of Remembrance and Rear Area Support Foundation.
Veteran obesity skyrockets after free Veterans Day pancakesAll seemed well at Denny's in the days leading up to Veterans Day. However, things quickly went south at midnight on the 11th.
Reading of the Names at 'The Wall'Over 58,000 names of KIA and MIA service members are etched into the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. Volunteers will spend 65 hours reading them aloud in honor of its 35th anniversary.
Loosen your belts, the Veterans Day meal deals are upon usWith Veterans Day right around the corner, here's your guide for some tasty deals. Go ahead and indulge a little. You've earned it.
Different ways to honor vets during National Veterans MonthFrom parades to community service to art shows, there are countless ways to support and honor veterans this November.
Veterans Community Showcase: Meet Jon Jackson, the Army Ranger turned farmerAt Jon Jackson's farm in Milledgeville, Georgia, veterans in crisis can work through their problems by working the land.
Thank you for your service, here's a free vacationA program called B&B's for Vets gives veterans and active duty servicemembers free overnight stays around Veterans' Day every year.
What America can learn from tribes when welcoming warriors homeAmerican soldiers returning from combat face transitioning into a society that is not as close as the units they once served with.

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