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A proposed regulation allows payoffs to VA officials and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ if it helps anyone at allThis new law would allow VA employees to 'receive wages, salary, dividends, profits, gratuities, and services from a for-profit school.'
VA rolls out simple and effective approach to fighting opioidsOne VA hospital in Ohio has found a common-sense way to turn the tide against opioid abuse.
Rapid response by VA keeps benefits and services movingIn the wake of Harvey and Irma, the VA has been surprisingly nimble as it cares for over two million affected veterans.
Believe it or not, 30 days to a VA disability decision!Veterans Affairs is now promising a new way to receive an answer for disability claims.
Hey veterans, here's how to get your undeliverable checks and medications after HarveyHere’s a list of locations where undeliverable mail is available for pickup.
VA pushes through the storm to continue patient careHarvey has been downgraded to a tropical storm, however, the VA continues to push forward with patient care.
Historic floods can't close Houston VAMCThe VA in Houston, Texas has a current operating status of open– even though the roads around the medical center are blocked due to flooding from Hurricane Harvey.
Yes, the VA is still paying a pension from the Civil WarThe VA sends a monthly payment of $73.13 to an 87-year-old woman named Irene Triplett.
Here's how veterans groups are responding to the VA law President Trump signed in RenoAfter President Trump's address to the American Legion National Convention today, VSOs weigh in.
Looking for a job? Here are the 4 best sites for veterans to useWe did the Googling for you! If you're seeking employment post-deployment, here's where to get started.
The Department of Veterans Affairs has a youth problemWhy does the VA have such a hard time recruiting young employees, and how can it strengthen an aging workforce? A new law could be the answer.
White House's VA complaint hotline staffed solely by vetsThe number to the complaint hotline is 855-948-2311.

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