Accused of "doubletalk," Shulkin defends his VA during Senate hearingShulkin is coming under fire again and many in congress aren't happy with the so-called "progress" within the VA
One Year Out: Getting The Big BootIn the first installment of "One Year Out," we talk to Jake about what resources he wished he would've used before getting out of the military.
3 new ways to appeal a VA claimThe new RAMP system could take years off of your appeals process.
Shulkin’s 13 areas for VA improvement: how things are goingEffort is being put into fixing the VA, but for the most part we are still in a holding pattern on if things are working or not.
VA’s clear battle plan to fight opioid abuseAccording to the VA, there is no safe dose of opioids.
Eye Care 101: Understanding the basicsCan you get glasses at the VA? Yes, you can.
VA union workers protest staff shortages in RenoVA union workers in Nevada are protesting staff shortages they say are preventing veterans from getting the quality health care they deserve.
Dental insurance 101: understanding the basicsThinking of using the VA for dental insurance, but don't know what half the words in the policies mean? No worries, we've got you.
VA’s mobile vet centers are helping Las Vegas cope
Mr. Secretary, why is the VA abusing dogs?Each year taxpayers fund between $15 to $20 billion worth of animal experiments.
A proposed regulation allows payoffs to VA officials and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ if it helps anyone at allThis new law would allow VA employees to 'receive wages, salary, dividends, profits, gratuities, and services from a for-profit school.'
VA rolls out simple and effective approach to fighting opioidsOne VA hospital in Ohio has found a common-sense way to turn the tide against opioid abuse.

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