VA on the hunt for construction partnersThe VA is looking for potential partners to help build care facilities.
Baby steps: Another VA facility reopens in Puerto RicoThe unit doesn’t have all the equipment that a fully stocked clinic would have, but it lets VA staff in Arecibo deliver basic services to their local veterans.
VA introduces magnetic stimulation to treat Major Depressive DisorderA new technology, using magnetic fields is being introduced to treat symptoms of MDD
New VA 'CARE' Act aims to improve experience and accessThe revamp of the Choice Program would create more flexible eligibility criteria and focus effort on staffing VA hospitals.
Veterans homes in limbo due to difficulty in getting fundingDifficulties in securing federal money for proposed veterans homes in Arizona has left the projects in limbo.
More money for vets in 2018Increases in payments will kick in January 1.
Why does the VA own a Parisian hotel that was once a brothel?The 138-year old five-story building, known as Pershing Hall, has a storied history of unsavory business practices such as illegal gambling, money laundering, and prostitution. And it’s owned by the VA.
It's been a newsworthy couple of days at the VAThe VA has had a new headline for every day of the week.
VA backs out of letting employees receive benefits from for-profit collegesVeterans are allowed to attend for-profit schools on the GI Bill, which makes them prime targets for predatory institutions.
VA hospital intentionally skewed patient dataOfficials say that over the last seven years, a manager at the facility urged nursing staff to place emergency patients into two unofficial clinics rather than record the encounter.
VA union workers protest staff shortages in RenoVA union workers in Nevada are protesting staff shortages they say are preventing veterans from getting the quality health care they deserve.
Scrutiny focuses on Wisconsin veterans homeOn average, 685 veterans and their spouses receive care at King.

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