Veterans Day kicks off Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week at the VAStand Downs hosted by Veterans Affairs provide homeless veterans and those at risk of becoming homeless with access to many different services and supplies.
VA secretary calls for improving benefits systemShulkin called for “a new way of thinking about benefits”
Yesterday was a big day for VA issues on the Hill — here's what you missed
Mr. Secretary, why is the VA abusing dogs?Each year taxpayers fund between $15 to $20 billion worth of animal experiments.
Now you can read the VA Secretary's travel receiptsThe VA is continuing it's transparency pledge by allowing anyone to read the secretary's travel itinerary
VA says money for private health care may run out by year's end"The big question is ultimately who will be responsible for our veterans' care?" Farmer said.
American Legion to Shulkin: We want cannabis research for vets with PTSDCannabis is currently legal for recreational use in eight states and the District of Columbia.
The DC VA hospital chief was fired, againBrian Hawkins was first let go in August.
White House's VA complaint hotline staffed solely by vetsThe number to the complaint hotline is 855-948-2311.
Trump announces new ways to help veterans get medical careThe government wants to make it easier for veterans to get medical care and is promoting new ways to use technology to help.
VA Transgender Healthcare Policy: Zero tolerance for harassment
Wait times at Colorado VA facilities among worst in nationVeterans have seen little improvement in the three years since a national scandal erupted over the problem.

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