New Podcast: BEER! Episode 1In our first beer podcast, I sat down with Dave Kuehner of Honor Brewing Company.
Our Button is Bigger ... So, What's Wrong with Tough Talkin' Tweets?Trump loves to tweet but this isn't the first time a president gave some hot takes that could've led to a nuclear war
Are All Men Perverts? Sexual harassment from the Vet perspectiveOn this podcast, men and women of Connecting Vets put their heads together to sort through the barrage of sexual harassment revelations in the news.
VetStory Podcast Theater presents: “Bergdahl Sentences”Hear powerful and poetic prose from the people of Facebook, set to a variety of musical genres including; country, metal and freestyle jazz.
VetStory: The most dangerous bar in the worldThis is the true story of The Baghdad Country Club, a secret bar that operated in the Green Zone under the loving care of British paratrooper-turned-bootlegger James Thornett.
Duffel Blog + Terminal Lance? You know this podcast is gonna be funnyWill Paul Szoldra and Maximilian Uriarte be able to translate their humor into audio?
Yes, the U.S. Army is finally getting its own museumIt's about time.

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