Naval aviators drew a penis in the sky and now they've been punishedThe amateur artwork was, unfortunately for them, shared widely on social media that eventually led to an apology from the Navy.
Navy Football unveils Badass 'Blue Angel' uniforms for Army match-upThe Midshipmen’s hand-painted helmets will feature six FA-18 Hornets, in a Flying V, also known as delta formation.
The (in)complete guide to beards in the American militaryHistorically, there has been no shortage of American bad-ass military might displayed in beard form.
Veterans Community Showcase: The many sides of George StoeckerGeorge Stoecker was already a Navy veteran when he was drafted for the Vietnam War. Now, here are his reflections on a life full of stories.
Marine group wants a Navy ship named after iconic WWII photographerDo you know who took this picture? A group of USMC Combat Correspondents wants to make sure you do.
Two officers relieved from USS McCain following deadly crash“While the investigation is ongoing, it is evident the collision was preventable, the commanding officer exercised poor judgement, and the executive officer exercised poor leadership of the ship’s training program.”
Corpsmen and Navy moms sound off on Jacksonville maternity ward scandalActive and former Navy Hospital Corpsmen, plus moms who gave birth in Navy hospitals, gave us their takes on the social media snafu.
Navy removes two more senior officials over collisions at seaThey were relieved due to "a loss of confidence in their ability to command."
'Sometimes we ask our sailors to do too much': Navy officials testify at House hearing"We should not, and cannot, have collisions at sea"
Naval Air Station Key West evacuates, while some stay behindSailors evacuate Naval Air Station Key West as Hurricane Irma approaches.
This retired Navy Chief went from rocking the anchors to rocking the stageWhen Jeremy Siegrist retired from the Navy he couldn't play guitar and had never written a song. Now? He fronts an award-winning band,
The Navy's top leader is considering unmanned ships to boost capabilityAdm. John Richardson says the future Navy is going to be very different from today's fleet.

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