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Corpsmen and Navy moms sound off on Jacksonville maternity ward scandalActive and former Navy Hospital Corpsmen, plus moms who gave birth in Navy hospitals, gave us their takes on the social media snafu.
Navy removes two more senior officials over collisions at seaThey were relieved due to "a loss of confidence in their ability to command."
'Sometimes we ask our sailors to do too much': Navy officials testify at House hearing"We should not, and cannot, have collisions at sea"
Naval Air Station Key West evacuates, while some stay behindSailors evacuate Naval Air Station Key West as Hurricane Irma approaches.
This retired Navy Chief went from rocking the anchors to rocking the stageWhen Jeremy Siegrist retired from the Navy he couldn't play guitar and had never written a song. Now? He fronts an award-winning band,
The Navy's top leader is considering unmanned ships to boost capabilityAdm. John Richardson says the future Navy is going to be very different from today's fleet.
The Navy is sending 2 warships to Harvey-ravaged TexasThe ships will assist state and local agencies that are currently leading disaster response missions.
At sea, the ship comes before the sailorAny sailor can tell you that if it comes down to saving sailors or the ship, the correct choice—while gut-wrenching—is very clear.
US Navy fleet commander: 'Every scenario will be reviewed and investigated in detail'The Navy's top officer, Adm. John Richardson, ordered the entire fleet to take an "operational pause" for a day or two.
Another collision at sea brings Navy problems to the surface“Training, experience, and readiness” are the three things behind the recent spate of naval accidents.
Doc Todd: Navy Vet gives hip hop a dose of combat medicineIt’s not often that a hip hop artist’s experience with guns includes firefights in Afghanistan.

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