What happened in Hawaii is terrible. Now let’s talk missile defense.The false alarm in Hawaii this past weekend should be a wake-up call for us all.
Military sexual trauma survivors speak out at PentagonSWAN members took the #MeToo movement to the Pentagon to advocate on behalf of those who suffered from sexual assault in the military
Watch two U.S. jets intercept Russian aircraft over Eastern EuropeThe Russian Flankers were intercepted because they did not broadcast the appropriate procedures required by air traffic control, and because there was no flight plan on file.
Green Beret killed in Afghanistan New Year's DayGreen Beret killed New Year’s day in Afghanistan identified
Watch: Christmas surprise leaves mom speechless over sailor's return“Surprised my mom for Christmas,” her daughter wrote on Twitter. “She looked in the mirror and saw her present”
Three U.S. cities sue DoD to fix 'broken' gun records systemThe cities argue the DoD failed to report a large number of records of disqualifying service members to the FBI’s national background check system.
Mattis is first SecDef to visit Gitmo in almost 16 yearsDefense Secretary Jim Mattis made a surprise visit to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba on Wednesday.
US air base in UK on alert after driver attempts to crash through gateOne suspect was taken into custody after the episode at RAF Mildenhall in eastern England.
Trump signs defense spending bill $150 billion over budgetThat’s right. The defense spending bill that the President of the United States signed into law Tuesday still needs legislative action by Congress to make it comply with current law.
Putin once again announces withdrawal from SyriaPresident Vladimir Putin has yet again announced the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria, and this time, it may just be the truth.
DoD raises concerns about another CR, government shutdownMilitary personnel, including those fighting overseas, not be paid until the shutdown
Trump declares Jerusalem capital of Israel; moving embassy from Tel AvivThe United States is about to become the only country with an embassy in Jerusalem.

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