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One astronaut on the ISS feels the impact of two different hurricanesHarvey flooded his home in Houston and now Maria has slammed into his family's homeland.
What 9/11 looked like from the only American veteran not on EarthAs a NASA astronaut and commander of the International Space Station, Navy veteran Frank Culbertson had a unique view of that tragic day. 
'I was flabbergasted, then horrified:' Read the letter from the only American veteran not on Earth on 9/11NASA Expedition Three Commander Frank L. Culbertson (Captain, USN Retired), reflects on the events of September 11.
Incredible photos show Harvey's wrath from spaceHarvey's slow-moving wrath, claiming at least 30 lives, made its second landfall in southwest Louisana early Wednesday.
Here's how to watch the total solar eclipseHappy viewing!
Hey veterans, you protected the United States, so how do you feel about protecting Earth for NASA?What's more, it seems perfect for a military veteran.
The U.S. military is well-represented in NASA's next set of astronautsMeet the seven military men and women training to be NASA's next astronauts below.
The 12 men and women training to be NASA's next astronautsNASA chose 12 new astronauts Wednesday from its biggest pool of applicants ever, hand-picking seven men and five women who could one day fly aboard the nation's next generation of spacecraft. The astronaut class of 2017 includes doctors, scientists, engineers, pilots and military officers from Anchorage to Miami and points in between.

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