USMC vet and country star Stephen Cochran is done pretending to be someone he's notStephen Cochran tried being what the record industry wanted him to be, now he's being true to himself and focusing on veterans issues.
Go see Texas Vs. Texas Tech football, NBA Basketball and more FREE with Vet Tix this monthTexas Vs. Texas Tech, Luke Bryan, Ohio State Vs. Michigan State. These are just some of the "Vet Tix" available FREE to veterans in November
"Life is not better without you." John Preston is using music to fight the vet suicide epidemicMarine Corps vet John Preston lost his brother, also a Marine, to suicide. He doesn't want any more families to go through that pain.
This retired Navy Chief went from rocking the anchors to rocking the stageWhen Jeremy Siegrist retired from the Navy he couldn't play guitar and had never written a song. Now? He fronts an award-winning band,
Doc Todd: Navy Vet gives hip hop a dose of combat medicineIt’s not often that a hip hop artist’s experience with guns includes firefights in Afghanistan.

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