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Army Vet who lost all four limbs: 'Never give up. Never quit'Travis Mills is just one of five living quadruple amputees from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he is nowhere near slowing down.
Why bombing North Korea is effing nutsA preemptive strike is the only scenario that guarantees Kim Jong-un will use nuclear weapons.
Drop the pills– the VA is majorly funding research for alternative pain treatments"More than 50 percent of all veterans enrolled and receiving care at VA are affected by chronic pain”
Meet the charity that gives mortgage-free homes to wounded vets“There is an extension of love, gratitude, and more often than not, relief.”
This program is curing veterans with PTSD for free“We are getting extremely high recovery rates in this treatment.”
US flies 14 aircraft, drops bombs in huge show of force over KoreaThe show of force is the latest in an ever-increasing impasse between the US, its South Korean and Japanese allies, and North Korea.
Navy removes two more senior officials over collisions at seaThey were relieved due to "a loss of confidence in their ability to command."
Volunteer event for historic Naval cemetery 'an overwhelming success' For the first time in nine years a US flag was flown on the cemetery’s flagpole.
Investigation opened into mortgage scam targeting veteransThe issue is that some lenders are pressuring veterans and service members bullying them to refinance loans multiple times over a short time
Senate Democrats reveal plan to protect Dreamers in the military"With all the threats facing the United States today, we simply cannot afford to lose these brave men and women because of a technicality.”
'We're looking to tell the real story': This new movie is for veterans, by veterans“Hollywood has very skewed perceptions of veterans”
This veteran-managed hotel is providing free rooms for anyone fleeing Hurricane IrmaSteinman and one maintenance official are the only employees providing near-constant support to those affected by the storm, the rest are volunteers.

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