New study finds chiropractic care relieves back pain in women veteransBack pain in the veteran community is unfortunately all too common.
Putin once again announces withdrawal from SyriaPresident Vladimir Putin has yet again announced the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria, and this time, it may just be the truth.
Welcome to forever war in SyriaThe Pentagon this week admitted to having 2,000 troops in Syria, a far cry from the 503 the Obama administration said was there.
California National Guard troops activated to fight wildfiresMore than 1,300 members of the California National Guard have been mobilized to help fight rapidly growing wildfires in Southern California.
Pearl Harbor survivor remembers 'Day of Infamy' 76 years later“There were a lot of heroes there that morning.”
Here's what to expect if the government shuts downThe temporary funding keeping government programs running will expire on Dec. 8, and lawmakers have until then to agree on a budget deal.
Senator: Military dependents in South Korea have to goCurrently there are around 28,500 U.S. troops in South Korea in part to deter potential aggression from the North.
Naval aviators drew a penis in the sky and now they've been punishedThe amateur artwork was, unfortunately for them, shared widely on social media that eventually led to an apology from the Navy.
Al Franken accused of groping soldier on USO tour in 2003“I’ve never had a man put their arm around me and then cup my breast."
North Korea elbowed its way into the world’s nuke club and is here to staySome analysts believe that if North Korea chose to aim the rocket at a lower angle it could reach all of North America.
Flower power! DARPA is engineering plants to be spies. Seriously.Plant spies could help keep flesh-and-blood spies out of danger.
McCain rips Trump's 'Pocahontas' remark as insult to Native American veteransSen. John McCain on Tuesday fired back at President Trump for insulting the sacrifice of Native American veterans after he made a “Pochahontas” comment at a White House event.

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