5 VA mistakes that veterans can appealHere’s a list of five common legal slip-ups that will let you appeal a decision.
The VA might change how they house homeless veterans, will it work is the questionThe VA has been going back and forth about if funds for homeless veteran programming will be redirected to a different department.
Walt Disney and the dishonorable discharge that never happenedHe did try to join the Army during World War I, that much is true. The rest is the result of decades and decades of gossip.
The VA isn't the worst government agency to work at- it's the second worstHey, could be worse! The different branches of service also had some interesting results (sorry, Air Force).
Psst…hey buddy, wanna buy some life insurance?There’s a page on VA’s website where you can see if current and former insurance policyholders – or their beneficiaries – are owed money by the VA.
Veterans Affairs expands electronic access for veteransGet all your VA care sorted without changing out of your pajamas.
5 military themed TV comedies that will make you pee your pantsLet's remember TV star and honorary Marine Jim Nabors with some good old military comedy.
Strap in, the new highlights report from the VA Inspector General is a doozyFrom grand theft to assault to some shockingly stupid attempts at fraud, here's the rundown of crimes investigated by the VA recently.
The VA is testing out hyperbaric chambers as a PTS treatmentVets willing to go off the beaten path to treat their PTS could benefit from a therapy usually reserved for burn victims.
Two ways the VA can keep you from overdosing on opioidsOverdoses don't just happen to people abusing opiates; anyone taking pain medication is at risk. Luckily, the VA is working on ways to keep vets safe.
If you're shipping presents to someone who's deployed, here are your deadlinesFrom the South Pacific to the Middle East, we've got the info you need to make Christmas happen for the deployed military member in your life.
Your private doctor and VA are finally talkingA new program allows VA and private healthcare providers share timely information about your care.

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