3 ways the VA keeps your heart pumpingVA doctors have figured out how to give veterans undergoing open heart surgery an additional 28% chance of survival.
Looking for a job? Here are the 4 best sites for veterans to use.We did the Googling for you! If you're seeking employment post-deployment, here's where to get started.
The Department of Veterans Affairs has a youth problemWhy does the VA have such a hard time recruiting young employees, and how can it strengthen an aging workforce? A new law could be the answer.
White House's VA complaint hotline staffed solely by vetsThe number to the complaint hotline is 855-948-2311.
The VA is teaching local police officers to properly identify mental health issues in veteransOdds are very high that police will come in contact with someone who has a serious mental illness, many times in the capacity of responding to criminal victimization.
Are way too few minority veterans seeking help from the VA?The results of a study published in March, says Center Director Barbara Ward, indicate many of the estimated five million minority veterans are wary of seeking help from the VA.
Legionnaires' disease exposure confirmed at Fort Sam Houston
Happy Purple Heart Day! Here are three things you probably didn't know about the awardTo help celebrate one of our nation's highest honors, let's clear up three misconceptions about the medal.
Hey New Jersey veterans, here's how you can get free parking throughout the stateThe applicant must be the owner of the car, and the placard can only be used when the owner is in the car.
Virginia is for lovers and prostate cancer treatmentProstate cancer is the second most common form of cancer among American men.
Hey women vets! Wanna learn about benefits and laugh too?The 2017 National Women Veterans Summit will be held on August 25 - 26 in Houston, Texas.
Women veteran privacy is a top concern for the VAVA’s Center for Women Veterans was created by Congress in 1994 and is a major force behind the agency’s push for better care for women veterans.

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