You didn’t ask, but here are 11 of the hottest millennial MREsFirst we came for the housing, automobile, and napkin industries, now we're coming for your meals ready-to-eat.
Tales from beyond the motor poolWhat's more frightening--Porta johns or finding a Brown Recluse in your tent?
Five military movies that missed the markFor some reason, Hollywood has, for years, had a skewed view of the military. Here are one vet's picks for the five most egregious offenders in modern film history.
"Customer Service, How May I...Sir, Are You Being Shot At?"That time one of Barrett's customer service representatives– who also happened to be a Marine Corps veteran– got a slightly more urgent call than usual.
7 award-winning editorial cartoons from 2016 that everyone should seeJim Morin of Miami Herald won the 2017 "Editorial Cartooning" Pulitzer Prize and $15,000. Morin was also a Pulitzer Prize winner in 1996 and a finalist in 1990.

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