The Government Shutdown is Official: Now What?What does a government shut down mean for active-duty military and veterans?
Here's how a shutdown will uproot military and vet education benefitsIf and when the government shuts down, processing of tuition assistance applications will stop, as it did in 2013.
Here's what a government shutdown means for the military and veteransThis looming, yet all too familiar, possibility of a government shutdown has thrown the military back into our tense political climate
Budget Bill Awaits Trumps SignatureThe measure passed the House 235-193, mostly along party lines, and breezed through the Senate on a sweeping 81-14 tally barely an hour later.
Here's what to expect if the government shuts downThe temporary funding keeping government programs running will expire on Dec. 8, and lawmakers have until then to agree on a budget deal.
Why approving Harvey aid will be tricky for CongressWhen Congress returns on Sept. 5 they will have less than a month to meet deadlines impacting whether the federal government will stay open.

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