Caregivers finally get support with new government strategyFamily caregivers will now have the government more focused on how resources can best be provided to support them and their families.
Military Caregivers offer advice on getting through the holiday seasonTwo caregivers and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation give their tips for making it through a stressful holiday season
Law: Bring caregivers to the table during pre-separation counseling"If a caregiver is involved from the beginning, we’re going to see fewer veterans slip through the cracks, and fewer families struggling from the stress."
Dole Foundation, VA partner to support caregiversCaregivers for wounded veterans across the country convened to tell Veterans Affairs and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation where they need help the most.
Elizabeth Dole will chair VA’s new caregiver committeeShe comes into the role after a long career of looking out for wounded veterans and their caregivers.
"I feel like I do everything": Caring for caregiversCaregivers for wounded veterans deserve massive respect- and more importantly, they deserve help.

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