Incarcerated veterans and the VA: getting help before and after jailThe VA has two specialized programs to make sure veterans who struggle with mental illness don't end up rotating in and out of jail.
Alaska VA agency increasing it's staff Last year, the Alaska VA health care system purchased about $130 million in care
You could get paid to travel to your next VA appointmentGet reimbursed for your mileage the next time you head down to the VA! We'll show you how.
A plea for money, then a possible merger: what’s up with VA’s health records system?Let's untangle this web of bureaucracy.
Teaching your brain to forget about fear is almost a thingVeterans with PTS live with an out-of-control fear response. This VA study might have found a way to help.
VA clinic disorganization culminates in veteran's suicideNavy vet Charles Ingram went to the Atlantic County Community Based Outpatient Clinic for mental health help. He did not receive it.
So, VA says you owe money for overpaid benefits. What next?This horror story is rare, but it could happen to you.
A head start to your VA benefits before leaving active dutyYou can start your disability compensation process up to six months before you leave the military, so your benefits start right away!
PTS and sleep: a few tips to help get you sawing logsIf you're one of the 92 percent of veterans with post-traumatic stress who struggle to fall asleep at night, this one's for you.
Veterans Affairs declares war on paperworkA small but powerful change will hopefully free up VA healthcare providers to spend more time with patients.
Veterans Day kicks off Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week at the VAStand Downs hosted by Veterans Affairs provide homeless veterans and those at risk of becoming homeless with access to many different services and supplies.
VA secretary calls for improving benefits systemShulkin called for “a new way of thinking about benefits”

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