If these hulls could talk: Accounts from Vietnam-bound soldiersThanks to the Vietnam Graffiti Project we know exactly what some 5,000 troops felt along their journey to Vietnam aboard the 608-foot-long U.S.N.S. General Nelson M. Walker.
Meet Chas Henry"Earning the title 'Marine' is probably the most important thing that happened to me in my life."
Meet Jake Hughes“Knowing that I am going to help veterans get the help they need – and I am going to help them become aware of all the things they have available to them. It’s an amazing feeling.”
Meet Caitlin M. KenneyThe good, the tough and the amazing about being a military spouse. "Our stories need to be told."
Meet Eric DehmFrom basic training to 1010 WINS in NYC, Eric Dehm brings his talents to the nation's capital. "My expertise will allow me to provide information, provide entertainment and provide knowledge to my fellow veterans."
Meet Amanda Macias“Being part of a military family, and being a military brat, and going to journalism school -- I feel like it’s all coming full circle.”

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