Mr. Secretary, you've got marijuana all wrongVeterans are self-medicating on a daily basis, and they overwhelmingly support the research. The time is now.
Pot progress made for vets could go away under new Justice policyThe move by the country’s top lawyer will likely add more confusion about whether it’s permissible to grow, purchase, or consume weed.
American Legion applauds VA's new weed policyOn December 8, the VA issued Directive 1315, which outlines a new policy allowing VA doctors to discuss marijuana use with their patients.
Here's the VA's new marijuana policy
Smoker's delight: the Army is granting waivers for past marijuana useIn response to relaxing marijuana laws and an increased demand for soldiers, the Army is allowing recruits with a history of weed smoking.
Veterans' battle with medical marijuana continueThe American Psychiatric Association says there's not enough evidence now to support using pot to treat PTSD.
New York vets can now use medical marijuana to treat PTSThe initiative is aimed at veterans, police officers, fire fighters, and survivors of domestic violence. Mr. Cuomo’s signature comes at the urging of several veterans’ organizations.
VetStory: a 'medical marijuana militia' storms Capitol HillWhat's the real deal on medical marijuana? Veterans, activists, and even Congressional representatives are speaking up in favor, and their voices are only getting stronger.
'It's not an entry drug, its an exit drug': Vets speak out on cannabisVeterans took to Capitol Hill to give their stories on how Medical Marijuana has helped them overcome trauma despite controversial views on it's legalization
Veterans vastly support medical marijuana research, legalizationIn all, a whopping 92 percent of survey respondents support researching medical cannabis, while 82 percent are in favor legalizing medical marijuana.
Finally, Dems push VA for cannabis researchThe VA is receiving mounting pressure from Democrats on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee to research the effects of medical marijuana on post-traumatic stress.

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