Finding the adventurous spirit: A veteran embraces life’s odyssey'You’re behind this lens of the camera. Though of course, I still had a rifle.”
The interesting origin of these artillery piecesIt's commonplace in the military, but did you know it's named after a real person?
Vets can call new support line to receive help, access resourcesVeterans and their loved ones can call 855-244-6211 anytime to get help and support from the Cigna Veterans' Support Line.
Being mindful of the present in order to heal“There’s tons of research around it but what it really comes down to is, like, well, try it. See if it’s something that could work for you.”
Dole Foundation, VA partner to support caregiversCaregivers for wounded veterans across the country convened to tell Veterans Affairs and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation where they need help the most.
Video: Post 9/11 Marines to have their stories told in new museum exhibit spaceAn upcoming exhibit space at the National Museum of the Marine Corps celebrates the newest generation of Marines
Military caregivers given a voice in new documentary
VA secretary calls for improving benefits systemShulkin called for “a new way of thinking about benefits”
Things vets should know before watching "Thank You for Your Service"We spoke with a social worker, a veteran's spouse and a film critic—and their opinions all shared one incredible thing in common.
'An unapologetic gut punch:' The invisible injuries of soldiers depicted in “Thank You For Your Service”I think this movie, whether veterans love it or not, will start a conversation about experiences veterans and their families have when they return from war.
IAVA survey highlights their members concernsThe IAVA just released its 2017 member survey and shows some interesting findings
Study results may help veterans with repeated head trauma"...what we’re hoping is this eventually may lead to a way to be able to diagnose CTE during life in living people.”

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