Smoker's delight: the Army is granting waivers for past marijuana useIn response to relaxing marijuana laws and an increased demand for soldiers, the Army is allowing recruits with a history of weed smoking.
Navy Football unveils Badass 'Blue Angel' uniforms for Army match-upThe Midshipmen’s hand-painted helmets will feature six FA-18 Hornets, in a Flying V, also known as delta formation.
Watch this Army vet TSA agent spring into action during a bomb scareWhen a passenger pointed out a laptop bag billowing smoke, TSA Officer Ricardo Perez didn't hesitate.
The (in)complete guide to beards in the American militaryHistorically, there has been no shortage of American bad-ass military might displayed in beard form.
Veterans Community Showcase: The many sides of George StoeckerGeorge Stoecker was already a Navy veteran when he was drafted for the Vietnam War. Now, here are his reflections on a life full of stories.
Army vet Rico Roman is going for Olympic gold againRico Roman never played hockey before he lost his leg to an IED. Turns out he's good... very good.
Volunteer or 'Voluntold': Soldiers allegedly forced to attend Christian BBQJust how voluntary this event was remains in question
Army's top general: train, advise, and assist here to stay“Our fundamental strategic approach to deal with terrorism and terrorists is to work by, with and through host nations, partner nations, friends and allies."
West Point professor reportedly documented serious issues with communist cadetA West Point officer did not want "West Point Commie" Spenser Rapone graduating or leading soldiers
‘It’s not treason, it’s attention seeking:’ Former JAGs weigh in on West Point cadetThere's chatter in the military/veteran community about what crimes Spenser Rapone could be charged with.
Wanna be a communist? Find a new line of work.What exactly is the Army investigating about this West Point grad's communist beliefs?
West Point Communist grad 'released for standards' from Ranger BattalionArmy 2nd Lt. Spenser Rapone is under investigation based on his social media posts promoting communism.

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