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Vets of Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan compare post-war experienceVets of both generations have had to work through the “moral injury” of combat.
War hero eyes serving in CongressThis Air Force pilot is a hero to women all over: she helped get the ground combat exclusion policy changed. Now she's eyeing bigger changes: Congress.
There's actually more troops in Afghanistan than originally reportedThe Pentagon is poised to have roughly 15,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan in the coming months.
Vietnam counterinsurgency strategy continues in the Forever WarThe humanitarian methods troops use to win trust in local populations in Iraq and Afghanistan go back nearly 50 years.
Joint memoir explores trauma, friendship between combat veteran and photojournalistA grenade blast in Afghanistan made unlikely friends of photojournalist Finbarr O’Reilly and Marine Corps sergeant Thomas J. Brennan.
Canada politely declined joining the US on two major military pushesThe Prime Minister confirmed Canada will not join the US in Afghanistan or contribute to continental missile defense.
Veterans of America's longest war react to Trump's announcementJason Amerine, a retired US Army Special Forces officer, was part of the initial 2001 invasion to fight al-Qaeda forces in Afghanistan.
Army vet breaks barriers for women and gaysAs the military struggles with policies for transgender service members, it wasn’t long ago that gays and women weren’t welcome in combat.
McCain unveils new strategy for AfghanistanIncluded in the proposed strategy is an increase in U.S. troops to conduct counterterrorism missions, increasing aid to Afghan air forces, and providing new targeting authorities for the Taliban, the Haqqani Network, al-Qaeda, and ISIS.
Georgian soldier killed in Afghanistan by bomber dressed in a woman's burqaThe attack took place on Thursday evening and hit the NATO patrol near the town of Qarabagh.
U.S. says 4 troops wounded and 2 killed in Afghan attackThe Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.
Trump frustrated by Afghan war and suggests firing top U.S. commanderThe U.S. has been fighting in Afghanistan for nearly 16 years, but Trump has yet to settle on a new strategy for getting the Afghan government to a point where it can defend itself.

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