US could have almost 16,000 troops in Afghanistan next yearAt least 15,000 U.S. forces are in Afghanistan, after President Donald Trump decided to send about 3,800 troops to the country this fall.
Former JAG believes Bergdahl may see little to no time behind barsBrian Bouffard was a Navy JAG and currently practices military law. He thinks Bowe Bergdahl will see little, if any, time behind bars.
Veterans influence President Trump's view of Afghanistan warThe White House is reviewing U. S. military strategy in Afghanistan – and President Donald Trump is getting advice from those who have served on the ground in the nearly 16-year conflict
Featured woman veteran: Janiece Marquez
The U.S. and NATO are debating on how many more troops are needed after 16+ years of war in AfghanistanAt a meeting in Brussels, NATO agreed to send more forces in response to commanders' requests for as many as 3,000 troops to train and work alongside Afghan security forces.
26 powerful war stories told by veterans in six-word poemsPossibly the shortest war stories ever, service members describe the complexities of modern warfare in six-word poems. The submissions come together in "Six-Word War," a memoir from a generation at war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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