Have you seen this footage of a UFO from a Navy jet yet?"There's a whole fleet of them. Look on the ASA," one pilot can be heard saying.
Mark Twain's address to the Union Veterans of Maryland is so classically him"There, now, you have the whole thing in a nutshell; it was not my presence in the Civil War that determined that tremendous contest – it was my retirement from it that brought the crash."
America's longest-running DoD mission will warm your cold, embittered heartOperation Christmas Drop has been running uninterrupted since the 1950s.
A parking lot manager cheated the VA out of $11 million, then bought all this crazy stuffThis is NOT how you avoid getting caught.
Watch this Army vet TSA agent spring into action during a bomb scareWhen a passenger pointed out a laptop bag billowing smoke, TSA Officer Ricardo Perez didn't hesitate.
Developing: Here's everything we know about the San Antonio mass shooterThe man who burst into the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and killed 26 people on Sunday was an Air Force veteran.
At least one of the Russian social media ads specifically targeted veteransDid you see this post in your Instagram feed?
What to do if you're sexually assaulted in the military: VeteransWere you sexually assaulted or harassed while you were in the military? Believe it or not, there are resources for you—even if you never came forward while you were active.
What to do if you're sexually assaulted in the military: Active DutyLet's look at all your options and figure out your next steps.
Advocates react to military sexual assault report"Unfortunately the Washington Post's latest report...comes as no surprise."
A relatively painless guide to transferring your GI Bill benefitsIt's college application season! If your child or spouse is heading to school, your unused GI Bill benefits could pick up the tab.
New VA 'CARE' Act aims to improve experience and accessThe revamp of the Choice Program would create more flexible eligibility criteria and focus effort on staffing VA hospitals.

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