Luxury car company's technician program gives veterans a chance to work under the hood of BMWsBMW recently announced the launch of a new program aimed at training veterans to work in BMW, MINI or BMW Motorrad dealerships,
It's never been easier for vets to start a career in farmingIf you served in the military, you probably woke up early, and you definitely know what it feels like to have your hands in the dirt.
Wounded Paw Project says rescue dogs are a good, inexpensive service dog sourceFor about 1/5th the cost of a typical service dog, Wounded Paw Project says a rescue dog can assist vets and save lives in the process
Here are some job boards that specifically keep veterans in mindLucky for you, there are a few job boards that are geared towards veterans with companies who want to hire them.
Vetted wants to improve and privatize the veteran transition processVetted believes the military is best suited for training people to enter the military, not to leave it. That's why they want to privatize the transition process.
HillVets founder talks VA delays, Trump "mystery" vet announcementDelays for the VA's EHR program and a "mystery announcement" from Presidetn Trump are the hot items being looked at by HillVets founder Justin Brown.
From Special Ops to Specialty Brews: Battle Grounds Coffee Co.Former SEAL Salvatore DeFranco's Battle Grounds Coffee Co. is providing caffeine and veteran advocacy in equal measures.
Patriot Boot Camp gets vetrepreneurs ready to succeed, quicklyPatriot Boot Camp is helping veteran entrepreneurs get up to speed by training the way vets are used to: Hard and fast.
New Year's Resolutions for Veterans#6: Don't blow your tax return on guns.
How one Green Beret is building an army of knitting warriorsA Special Forces soldier created a full-fledged business after finding comfort in knitting
A new resource is changing the way we think about the military transitionThis data great for potential employers and family members, it's also a great avenue for veterans to participate in the study and share their experiences.
Law: Bring caregivers to the table during pre-separation counseling"If a caregiver is involved from the beginning, we’re going to see fewer veterans slip through the cracks, and fewer families struggling from the stress."

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