Finding the adventurous spirit: A veteran embraces life’s odyssey'You’re behind this lens of the camera. Though of course, I still had a rifle.”
What to do with spilled coffee? One veteran says make art!“One day, I saw the pattern of the spill and I thought to myself ‘you know, I bet I could make art out of just spilled coffee alone.'”
The JCS Chairman who earned his bachelors degree at 41From enlisted to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. An amazing story of dedication to country and education.
Combat to the kitchen: how agriculture helped sprout a new passionMark Benoit transitioned from the Army to become the Head Grower at BrightFarms and wants the same for his fellow veterans
The best (and worst) cities for veterans rankedHere they are!
One woman’s journey: From ‘love at first sight’ to a ‘Pillar of Strength’A Pillars of Strength Scholarship covers the full cost of a degree for the caregiver of an injured servicemember.
'Flip or Flop Ft. Worth' stars: real estate biz is built for veteransMilitary veterans Andy and Ashley Williams use their military know-how to flip houses and make money on HGTV's newest show.
‘22’ tells untold stories from vets returning from warFor the last 16 years, there has been no shortage of films about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but few have attempted to tackle the challenges vets face when returning from the battlefield, and even fewer have done it right. That’s where the 22- the film comes in.
Got a security clearance? Facebook is hiringNational security clearance is in great demand as social media companies ensure the integrity of their platforms. is bringing together the top military influencers in the countryCurtez Riggs had an idea: to create the biggest gathering of military influencers ever, and it's finally happening this weekend in Dallas
Shifting vets into tech jobs one internship at a timeThe company Shift is partnering transitioning service members with internship and apprenticeship opportunities at tech companies.
Merica Bourbon's co-founder finds success through building connectionsMarine Recon vet Derek Sisson missed the camaraderie of the Corps. He's found it again by teaming up with Grunt Style to create "Merica Bourbon"

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