New study finds chiropractic care relieves back pain in women veteransBack pain in the veteran community is unfortunately all too common.
Missouri Attorney General announces new military legal assistance initiativeThe Military Legal Assistance Team will be Missouri's first attorney general-led program offering our military communities access to pro bono civil legal services.
Stealing from Uncle Sam? Not with the VA Inspector General on the caseGrab your popcorn, because we're breaking down the VA Inspector General's October report.
Despite Trump's disapproval, Pentagon allows transgender enlistees in US MilitaryJanuary 1st, transgender individuals will be allowed to join the U.S. armed forces.
Putin once again announces withdrawal from SyriaPresident Vladimir Putin has yet again announced the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria, and this time, it may just be the truth.
West Point brings the hype to the Pentagon before Army-Navy gameBefore the athletes of the United States Military Academy and Naval Academy football teams hit the field Saturday for the 118th time, both cheer teams and bands took to the Pentagon to stir up some friendly competition.
Welcome to forever war in SyriaThe Pentagon this week admitted to having 2,000 troops in Syria, a far cry from the 503 the Obama administration said was there.
California National Guard troops activated to fight wildfiresMore than 1,300 members of the California National Guard have been mobilized to help fight rapidly growing wildfires in Southern California.
One more of the sailors killed at Pearl Harbor has finally been identifiedThe remains of Navy Fireman 1st Class Samuel W. Crowder will be coming home to Kentucky after 76 years.
DoD raises concerns about another CR, government shutdownMilitary personnel, including those fighting overseas, not be paid until the shutdown
Budget Bill Awaits Trumps SignatureThe measure passed the House 235-193, mostly along party lines, and breezed through the Senate on a sweeping 81-14 tally barely an hour later.
The VA might change how they house homeless veterans, will it work is the questionThe VA has been going back and forth about if funds for homeless veteran programming will be redirected to a different department.

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