Report: 152 Afghan trainees have gone AWOL in US since 2005At least 152 Afghans sent to the US for military training during the course of the war against the Taliban have gone AWOL.
Time in uniform ignites a spark for wildland firefightingRecognizing the need to fight wildfires, and the skills and experiences that military vets bring to the table, the Bureau of Land Management has eight wildland fire crews, and they’re mostly vets
John Kelly offers somber clarity about Gold Star familiesIn a rare appearance, John Kelly, the White House chief of staff, delivered emotional and clarifying comments in the wake of a national debate involving criticism of President Trump’s phone call to a widow of one of the soldiers recently killed in Niger.
VA on the hunt for construction partnersThe VA is looking for potential partners to help build care facilities.
Baby steps: Another VA facility reopens in Puerto RicoThe unit doesn’t have all the equipment that a fully stocked clinic would have, but it lets VA staff in Arecibo deliver basic services to their local veterans.
Missing airman found 40 years after he disappearedAirman Jeffrey Michels went missing in 1977. 40 years later he's been found living under a new identity.
Former JAG believes Bergdahl may see little to no time behind barsBrian Bouffard was a Navy JAG and currently practices military law. He thinks Bowe Bergdahl will see little, if any, time behind bars.
Trump is planning on calling the families of slain soldiers
Volunteer or 'Voluntold': Soldiers allegedly forced to attend Christian BBQJust how voluntary this event was remains in question
US military says ISIS 'capital' of Raqqa 90 percent freedThe U.S. military says the Syrian city of Raqqa is about 90 percent cleared of Islamic State fighters.
Kate Germano says the Marine Corps needs to build on the success of recent female trailblazersKate Germano once raised standards for female recruits at Parris Island. Now, she's offering her thoughts on how the Corps should go forward after recent successes by female Marines.
VA introduces magnetic stimulation to treat Major Depressive DisorderA new technology, using magnetic fields is being introduced to treat symptoms of MDD

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