What to do with spilled coffee? One veteran says make art!“One day, I saw the pattern of the spill and I thought to myself ‘you know, I bet I could make art out of just spilled coffee alone.'”
Being mindful of the present in order to heal“There’s tons of research around it but what it really comes down to is, like, well, try it. See if it’s something that could work for you.”
You didn’t ask, but here are 11 of the hottest millennial MREsFirst we came for the housing, automobile, and napkin industries, now we're coming for your meals ready-to-eat.
AAFES Vs. NEX Vs. Amazon: Is the new veteran exchange benefit worthwhile?Honorably discharged vets are now eligible for online exchange shopping privileges. But how do AAFES and NEX compare to Amazon?
Serving while segregated: Celebrating the first black Marines who had to 'walk on water'In the 1940s, black men were not allowed at Parris Island. They trained separately at Montford Point.
Video: Post 9/11 Marines to have their stories told in new museum exhibit spaceAn upcoming exhibit space at the National Museum of the Marine Corps celebrates the newest generation of Marines
Veteran obesity skyrockets after free Veterans Day pancakesAll seemed well at Denny's in the days leading up to Veterans Day. However, things quickly went south at midnight on the 11th.
USMC vet and country star Stephen Cochran is done pretending to be someone he's notStephen Cochran tried being what the record industry wanted him to be, now he's being true to himself and focusing on veterans issues.
VetStory: a 'medical marijuana militia' storms Capitol HillWhat's the real deal on medical marijuana? Veterans, activists, and even Congressional representatives are speaking up in favor, and their voices are only getting stronger.
Tim Kennedy: "We are the baddest people on the planet"Tim Kennedy on American exceptionalism, getting chewed out for his outspokenness and why he doesn't think veterans deserve handouts.
Go Behind the Scenes with Vets, Cast & Crew of ‘The Long Road Home’The eight-part miniseries premieres Nov. 7. It depicts what was dubbed “Black Sunday” during the Iraq War
Weekly recipe Wednesday: Coffee Rubbed BLTYum!

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