Vets can call new support line to receive help, access resourcesVeterans and their loved ones can call 855-244-6211 anytime to get help and support from the Cigna Veterans' Support Line.
American Legion: VA home loans are a good deal, but they are not without risksThe American Legion has been looking into some of the lenders providing VA loan refinancing, and they've uncovered some serious issues.
Being mindful of the present in order to heal“There’s tons of research around it but what it really comes down to is, like, well, try it. See if it’s something that could work for you.”
So, VA says you owe money for overpaid benefits. What next?This horror story is rare, but it could happen to you.
A head start to your VA benefits before leaving active dutyYou can start your disability compensation process up to six months before you leave the military, so your benefits start right away!
New York vets can now use medical marijuana to treat PTSThe initiative is aimed at veterans, police officers, fire fighters, and survivors of domestic violence. Mr. Cuomo’s signature comes at the urging of several veterans’ organizations.
PTS and sleep: a few tips to help get you sawing logsIf you're one of the 92 percent of veterans with post-traumatic stress who struggle to fall asleep at night, this one's for you.
5 things to do to manage your money before you get that DD214Uncle Sam has been your banker for a while, so we created a list of helpful tips to help you manage your own money post-service.
Monster presents its 'Best Companies for Veterans 2017'For the third year in a row, Monster is bringing you the best companies for hiring–and keeping–veterans.
Veterans Day kicks off Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week at the VAStand Downs hosted by Veterans Affairs provide homeless veterans and those at risk of becoming homeless with access to many different services and supplies.
Veterans are twice as likely to fall victim to scamsThe survey also found that veterans reported scams directly related to their military service, or to benefits they receive
Combat to the kitchen: how agriculture helped sprout a new passionMark Benoit transitioned from the Army to become the Head Grower at BrightFarms and wants the same for his fellow veterans

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