Caitlin M. Kenney

Caitlin M. Kenney has been reporting on military operations and veterans issues for six years. What drew her to the subject matter? After graduating from journalism and international relations studies at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, she married a soldier. As the two moved to postings across the United States, Caitlin joined the staffs of military public affairs offices, then local newspapers near military bases.

While a staff writer at the Coastal Courier in Hinesville, Georgia, she reported on activities at Fort Stewart and embedded with units of the 3rd Infantry Division as they took part in multinational exercises in Poland and Gabon. In 2014, the Army presented Caitlin first-place honors in the video information program category of its public affairs awards program.

Her writing and photography have also been published in the Fort Sill Fires Bulletin and Liberty Life magazine. Now living in the Washington, D.C. area — her husband having gotten out of the Army — Caitlin is living the Veteran family experience first-hand.