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Guns and schools: Vets with bold ideas to make schools safe

Phil Briggs
February 23, 2018 - 3:39 pm

Another school shooting, and another week of people shouting for change.

But how do we protect our kids?  Gun restrictions? Background checks? Mental and full body scans?

We talked with:

  • Daniel Kim, an Army veteran we met on Twitter while looking at the trending #vetsforgunreform hashtag.
  • Chuck Porter, an Army veteran, former police officer and radio host, 106.3 WORD, South Carolina
  • Author Paul Ratner, contributor to Big Think.com and Huffington Post.

We discussed:

  • The AR-15 ... is the gun really the problem?
  • Who does #vetsforgunreform represent?
  • Guns: The viewpoint of a Veteran, who is also a retired cop
  • A solution for schools (many schools are already doing it)
  • How Vets can be part of the solution ... and not give up their 2A Rights

This is not the end of the debate, but it's a damn good start at finding ways to make schools safe.