trump at amvets post 44 ohio AMVETS: Path forward on Presidents executive order is expensive, but worth it

President Trump addresses AMVETS members during a visit to AMVETS Post 44 in Struthers, Ohio (Photo courtesy AMVETS

By Eric Dehm

AMVETS Executive Director Joe Chenelly stopped by ConnectingVets daily radio program The Morning Briefing recently to talk about several significant issues facing the veteran community. The first of which was President Trump’s recent executive order directing the DOD, VA and DHS to develop a plan to provide mental health care to all veterans for one year after their EAOS. Chenelly says while the program will have significant financial costs, the savings will be measured in a most valuable currency: veterans lives.

During his appearance Chenelly touched on several other subjects including:

  • The VA renewing their commitment to stop lenders from preying on VA home loan recipients
  • What AG Jeff Sessions’ recent change to federal marijuana enforcement policy means to vets
  • Strong statements from the Commandant of the Marine Corps and the military’s senior enlisted member regarding a looming “big ass fight” and ISIS respectively

The full interview audio featuring Chenelly is available below.

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