vetsday08 Artists wanted for National Veterans Day poster contest

The Veterans Day poster for 2008. (Photo courtesy VA)

By Caitlin M. Kenney

If you’re an artist who wants to honor all who have served in the military, here’s a contest for you.

The Veterans Day National Committee is looking for submissions for their 2018 National Veterans Day Poster. This year’s theme is “The War to End All Wars,” focused on World War I and its Centennial Commemoration of its end, according the VA’s Vantage Point blog.

The winning poster is distributed to VA facilities and military installations, and is also the cover of the official program for the Veterans Day Observance at Arlington National Cemetery.

The deadline for the poster is April 1, 2018 and a selection sub-committee will pick the winner in May.

For more information on the poster guidelines and how to submit, you can see the contest’s announcement here.

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