shuman American Legion sets 2018 legislative agenda, Choice program tops list

American Legion National Legislative Director Matt Shuman (Photo courtesy American Legion)

By Eric Dehm


The American Legion’s goal is to serve the veteran community and they do it in many ways, both locally and nationally. Whether helping vets with an OTH discharge try to upgrade their status, or taking in vets displaced by severe weather like Hurricane Harvey, the Legion continues to be there when veterans need it most.

In pursuit of that goal, they maintain a significant presence on Capitol Hill to ensure that veterans have input into legislation that will effect them. The National Legislative Director for the Legion, Matt Shuman, recently appeared on The Morning Briefing to lay out the Legion’s legislative agenda for the coming year.

Shuman states that the focus will be on a number of subjects including, but not limited to:

  • Permanent funding, and a tenable plan, for the VA’s Veterans Choice Program.
  • For the VA to consider more alternative therapy methods.
  • Continued focus on the scourge of veteran suicide.

The full interview with Shuman, and Legion Media Relations Director, Joe Plenzler, with detail on these and more legislative issues is below.

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