trump button wcredit Our Button is Bigger ... So, Whats Wrong with Tough Talkin Tweets?


By Phil Briggs

By now the world has heard President Trump declare our Nuclear “Button” is bigger than North Korea’s button.

Some Americans love President Trump’s tough talking tweets.

Others think they’re dangerous.

But as we learned in this podcast- this isn’t the first time presidential comments, put our nation on the brink of war.

Reporter Matt Saintsing, revealed how during the Reagan years, a joke and a “hot mic” moment, almost started a war with Russia.

In this episode of VetStory we discuss:

  • What’s wrong with Tough Talk?
  • That time Reagan’s joke almost started war with Russia
  • Why experts agree “Strategic Patience” has failed?
  • What it’s like to negotiate with North Korea?
  • Are North Koreans sick of Kim Jung-Un’s BS?
  • How should we deal with this dictator?
  • Sports Diplomacy?


  • Retired USAF Colonel Erik Goepner, Visiting Research Fellow in the Cato Institute’s Defense and Foreign Policy Department
  • Connecting Vets’ National Affairs Reporter, Matt Saintsing


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