By: Kaylah Jackson

With this “bomb cyclone” circling through much of the United States, simple chores like shoveling snow or leaves, and keeping your drive way clear can be bothersome. Doing yard work can become increasingly frustrating if you aren’t even home due to deployment or a disability prevents you from moving around easily–that’s where Project Evergreen comes in.

Project Evergreen is a national organization that that promotes green spaces aims by bringing people together to create a greener, healthier, and cooler earth. While their projects focus on refurbishing green spaces and outdoor areas, they have a special program specifically for service members.

Greencare & Snowcare for troops offers free lawn maintenance and ice removal services for  deployed military members and post 9/11 disabled veterans with a service-connected disability. All work is done by volunteers and it’s completely free to register.

You can sign up here and send can send in a VA letter to verify your eligibility for the 2 year helping hand program

“I had a disabled veteran who was shoveling his own drive way from his wheel chair, that was a difficult situation…we were able to recruit a new volunteer to take over and help him out. I’ve got military wives that are strapping babies onto their backs to mow the grass. Just providing the basic lawn maintenance of lawn mowing and things like that just takes such a burden off these families,” said Ki Laraine Matsko, Program Manager for project.

Their online database matches volunteers with military families based on the geographic area and although they cannot promise care for every town, they do their best to fill the need and are actively recruiting volunteers. The service member’s information is protected they can even review their volunteer match before the process starts.


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