By: Kaylah Jackson

“The Invasion in Silicon Valley,” hosted by VetsinTech in San Francisco, CA from January 13-14th brings together technology industry professionals and budding tech veterans.

Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist and Daniel Savage, head of the Veterans Program at LinkedIn are just a couple of the powerhouses headlining the conference. Veterans will have the chance to sit in on hands-on workshops geared towards getting your foot in the door in a growing industry, learning the basics of business law and even listening to a seminar specifically for women veterans.

“Eighty percent of service members transition out of the military without a career path” said Katherine Webster, Founder of VetsinTech. “We are proud to partner with innovation leaders and corporations to bring veterans opportunities to discover meaningful careers in technology.”

VetsinTech supports the re-integration of veterans interested in education, entrepreneurship, and employment. They currently have educational programs in cyber security, sales force, and web development. And with the increase in the cyber security focus our Armed Forces, it’s the perfect time for veterans who want to tap into the technology and entrepreneurship business.

“VetsInTech is the only nonprofit right now that is dedicated 100 percent to transitioning veterans and student veterans finding meaningful careers in technology” said Michael Seiler of VetsInTech.

“In the coming year we will be building an online mentorship platform, which is going to be the easiest way to put your information in, what you’re looking to accomplish and then team you up directly with those who have been successful and align with what you’re looking for.”

Though a national organization, VetsInTech has local chapters that hold regular events.On a smaller scale these chapters create a community to expose veterans to tech professionals in their area and grow their personal network.

“Take that courage and make that first step: attend one event, meet one mentor, apply for one job, create your Linkedin profile, start your LLC–whatever you vision is. If you don’t have a a vision, come to an event and we’ll help you get one, said Seiler

If you’re a veteran interested in attended the The Invasion in Silicon Valley event, you can register using the code CONNECTINGVETS to receive a free ticket, for more information about the event agenda, visit

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