usatsi 9931704 Going to the Student Veterans of America Conference? Here are 5 ways to benefit the most

Avoid the line by registering online for SVA’s 2018 National Conference. (Jarrad Henderson-USA TODAY NETWORK)

By Jonathan Kaupanger

The Student Veterans of America’s 2018 National Conference starts this week in San Antonio, Texas.  You can still register for the conference, but here are a few tips to make the most out of the experience.

  • Download the app – you can do a search in your phone’s app store for “NatCon2018,” (I found it quickly for Android phones). The best part of this app is that you can choose which sessions you want to attend, then it puts them in a list for you to follow.
  • Participate by using #NatCon2018. By using the hashtag, everyone’s material is added into one feed.  This will also help get the networking part of the conference started for you as well!
  • Networking 101. Always have plenty of business cards, but this doesn’t mean you have to give everyone one of them!  Throwing your card into someone’s hands before you really have a good conversation is a bit arrogant, really.  Find out if you want to connect with the business or person first, then give them your card.  Also, too often people start networking by thinking about what someone can do for them… look for ways you can help and make yourself more memorable.
  • Resumes. Yep, this is old school, but they still work.  Have a couple copies on hand and a PDF copy that you can email quickly too.
  • You can’t remember everything! It’s a multiple day conference, so take notes, but then make a point to take action.  Going to this conference won’t mean a thing if you don’t take action.

If you haven’t signed up to go, or if you have questions about the conference, you can head over to the Student Veterans of America website here.

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