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During an appearance on The Morning Briefing (From left to right) Navy vet Jeff Chiang, Army vet Brendan Wentz and Washington Post reporter Dan Lamothe in the studio discuss their work on the recent “Letters From War” podcast. (ConnectingVets.com/Eric Dehm)

By Eric Dehm

When Washington Post military reporter Dan Lamothe was initially alerted to a cache of letters between brothers serving in World War II that had been found in a storage locker, he didn’t know exactly what he was dealing with.

After reading through the letters, it turned out he had come across a time machine.

The letters between the Eyde brothers told tales of battle, hardship, post-war struggles, and more from a bygone era. Their words, almost lost to time, have since been published in a sweeping article by Lamothe that provides context of the brothers’ lives before, during, and after the war, through samples chosen from hundreds of letters between the siblings.

Had the story of this story ended there, it would have been a fantastic tale in it’s own right.

letterhead e1513172545261 Veterans help WaPo bring voices from the past to life

A letter from Ralph Eyde to his family alerting them to both his new mailing address and a recent “slight head wound” he suffered in combat. (Washington Post/ Photo courtesy of Joe Alosi)

But it did not end there.

Along with the story, Lamothe and the Post thought of a way to bring the brothers’ voices to life via a podcast series with veterans voice-acting the parts of Frank, Ralph, Sanford and John Eyde. You can find the entire series “Letters From War” here.

You can hear the ConnectingVets interview with Lamothe and two of the voice actors, Navy vet Jeff Chiang and Army vet Brendan Wentz below. In it, Chiang and Wentz talk about the similarities they found between the issues affecting vets in in such different eras, and how the process of making the podcast helped them understand themselves a little better.

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