sipa 21680565 e1514391481708 Snowboarders High: How Montel Williams treats his pain

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By Phil Briggs

Winter often seems to be the time for head colds and sick days.

But, for Navy Veteran and TV Talk Show legend, Montel Williams, this is the season of healing.  “I’m an avid snowboarder.  For me, heat has always been my nemesis.  I feel much better in the dead of winter, in the cold,” Williams explained.

Since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999, Williams has endured a kind of foot pain which make it difficult to move around.  But like most things in his life, Williams got motivated and searched for answers.

For more than a decade now, Montel has been on a mission to find treatments for MS, and along the way has become a leading spokesperson for the disease, medical marijuana, and therapeutic benefits of boarding.

“Snowboard boots and snowboard bindings kinda lock my feet into a position where I know where they are,” Willaims said.  “It’s hard for people to understand that, but it’s like I’m locked in and finally have contact with the bottom of my feet. And that makes me feel really good.”

How good?

According to Williams, “Like people get a runner’s high … I get a high out being able to strap my feet against that board and go down a mountain.”



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