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By Caitlin M. Kenney

The holidays can be tough for veterans and their families who may be living far from loved ones and celebrating alone.

Here are some ways to care for military and veteran families over the holidays:

Invite them to a holiday meal

Military families and veterans may not be able to travel home due to work or expenses associated with holiday travel. If you know someone who will be celebrating the holidays alone, you can invite them to share a holiday meal. Making your community feel that much closer is a great way to celebrate the holidays.

Did someone say brunch?

If you will be busy that holiday evening, you can also plan to have a nice mid-morning brunch after the presents are opened. Or you can even make some mimosas with some of that left over New Year’s Eve champagne.

Offer to help with specific tasks

For veteran families, especially those who include a caregiver, offering to help with specific tasks can make sure they are not overwhelmed by work that may be more difficult now. You can help with such things as babysitting for those last minute shopping runs, taking away the tree, or assisting with the decorations. Every little bit helps.

Make plans for after the holidays

The days that follow holidays may feel lonely and isolating after all of the cheer and celebrations with family and friends. Reach out, either by phone, text, or social media, to veterans and family members that you know to offer support, invite them to an event or outing, or even just to check in. Showing that you care can make a world of difference to those who may be struggling.

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