sipa 13644307 10 VA benefits you really oughta check out in 2018

The headquarters of the Department of Veterans Affairs in downtown Washington, D.C. Photo Credit: Kristoffer Tripplaar/ Sipa USA

By Jonathan Kaupanger

Veterans Affairs has an enormous variety of benefits that veterans have earned. Here’s 10 that you may not know are around for you to use.

  1. Long-term Care  By working with the Aid and Attendance program, vets can find out if they are eligible to get money that covers the cost of nursing homes, assisted living programs or other long-term care options.  Couples can get up to $25,020 a year and surviving spouses can receive up to $13,560 per year.
  2. Caregiver Support  If you have a vet at home that you’re taking care of, you should check out VA’s Caregiver Support program.  Monetary support isn’t given to caregivers, but you have access to a support line and a caregiver support coordinator who can help you sort through what benefits are available for you.
  3. Death Benefits Not necessarily the nicest topic of conversation, but there are a few very unique benefits available when a veteran dies.
  4. Certification Programs You can get up to $2,000 from your GI Bill to cover certification course and other vocational training programs. Start your research at the VA’s Education and Training page.
  5. Transferring GI Bill Credits Unused credits from your GI Bill can be transferred to your spouse or kids. There are some limitations on this, so your first stop to find out information should be here.
  6. Free Tax Preparation Veterans and their family have access to free tax prep though the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance office on military bases. Here’s a link to find the office closest to you.
  7. Life Insurance Sometimes it’s harder for vets to get life insurance, especially if they were injured while on active duty. The Servicemembers’ and Veterans’ Group Life Insurance program, vets can get up to $400,000 in life insurance.
  8. Mortgage Help The VA has help for vets who are having trouble making mortgage payments. There are additional benefits for vets with VA loans and for homeless veterans too.  The VA Home Loan website link is here.
  9. VA Foreclosures There is a list of homes serviced by VA loans but have gone into foreclosures. Vets can search this list to get properties at a discount.  Here’s the link to start your next home search.
  10. American Corporate Partners With this program, vets are connected with top companies to help find jobs. You can also get one on one mentoring and a few other career development services.  The American Corporate Partners link is here.

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