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by Eric Dehm

Maria Reed had two lengthy careers.

First, there was the TV and film industry, where she spent 20 years travelling the world as a director and working with major clients like AT&T, MTV and Visa.

Then came the second job: military spouse. She’s spent 14 years doing that so far, with her husband Staff Sgt. Patrick Reed currently serving in the Army.

And now, Reed has found a way to combine her two areas of expertise with her series “Moving With The Military.” The series, available for free on their website, YouTube page and Facebook, focuses on helping military families turn base housing into a home.



And it all started with a single question. Reed’s daughter Parker was 10 years old and like kids often do, she wanted to personalize her room by painting the walls.

Of course, that’s a “no-no” in base housing, where the rigidness of the rules would make the most strict Home Owner’s Association blush.

So what did Maria Reed do? She adapted and found a way to help her daughter, and then her entire family, make their abode more enjoyable. The series aims to assist others in doing so military or not, whether they live in base housing or a rental unit, by providing tips and hacks on how to make non-permanent changes that can lead to a permanent change in your quality of life.

Along with that, they have contests, giveaways and even no-cost makeovers for their viewers.

The full interview with Maria Reed, including some starter tips for listeners is below.

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