army vs navy  football busting balls article Army vs Navy: Football and Busting Balls


By Phil Briggs

In this podcast:

  • Army Navy Joke Off- NSFW
  • Voice of Navy Football, Pete Medhurst
  • Kickin field goals with POTUS
  • How did Ens. Rylan Tuohy, get 9M views on Youtube?
  • Ranger Up’s #%@! hilarious video, “The Talk: Army Navy 2017”
  • The Best of Ball Busting: Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and more



Army vs Navy- It’s a historic rivalry.

But more than a football game, it’s the kind of smack talk that dates back to very foundation of our country.  One can imagine Revolutionary Patriots, drinking ale and whiskey and then questioning each other’s manhood. Why do you fight from a ship? Why do you crawl on the ground? Who has the bigger musket?

So in the latest episode of VetStory Host, Phil Briggs, Producer Jake Hughes, and Social Media Director Abbey Hartley  explore the oldest, best and funniest ways the Army and Navy insult each other.

We also salute a new generation, who take Army Navy spirit to a new level with incredible videos.

Like Navy Ensign Rylan Tuohy, who produced the “Helm Yeah” video for this year’s game featuring cameos by Sen. John McCain and quarterback legend Roger Staubach.  Tuohy’s work has amassed over 9 million views on YouTube and his videos have appeared on ESPN, CBS Sports, and CNN with a live interview on Fox & Friends in 2015.



Not to be outdone, Army Veteran apparel company Ranger Up busts some serious balls with their video  “The Talk: Army Navy 2017”.  It covers the poignant story of an Army veteran who attempts to talk his son out of joining the Navy.

We also hear a great story about kicking field goals with a former President from the radio voice of the Midshipmen, and WJFK-FM sports anchor, Pete Medhurst.

At the end of the day, we all have each other’s back …but every Veteran will admit it’s fun to give each other #$%!

Author’s Note: #GoNavyBeatArmy




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