gettyimages 51752929 Flu season is here.  Where can you get your free shot?

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Yeah, yeah, yeah.  The flu shot.


Whichever strain of the flu that will hit the US each year is a guess.  Did you know that medical professionals watch Australia’s flu season (during our summer) to gauge how the US will fare each year (during our winter)?

Based on this year’s record-high flu cases down under, we may be in for it.  Making it worse, the flu shot used in Australia was only 10% effective.  US doctors say, nonetheless, that it is always a better idea to get a flu shot than to not get a flu shot.

Here are your options:

If you are an enrolled veteran who gets your healthcare through the Veterans Administration, you can get a free flu shot.  You’ve got two choices:  check with your local VA, or go to Walgreens.

You don’t need an appointment.  All you need is a Veterans Identification Card and another form of ID.  Fill out this form, and tell the pharmacist you get your healthcare at a VA facility.

The free flu shot program lasts August 15, 2017 through March 31, 2018.

Free flu shots are for veterans in the VA healthcare program only, not their family members or Tricare users.

Find your local Walgreens here.

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