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An employee rolls a barrel of Jack Daniel’s into place at the distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. (Courtesy of Jack Daniel’s)

Republished with permission from Cork&Cannon.

I’ve visited Jack Daniel’s a handful of times and one thing is clear — America’s oldest registered distillery has an affectionate relationship with the US military.

Last year I interviewed Master Distiller Jeff Arnett, the seventh person behind founder Jasper Newton ‘Jack’ Daniel, to hold the responsibility of supervising the entire whiskey-making process.

Arnett confirmed that the US military buys the most of the brand’s premium 94-proof Single Barrel whiskey.

The price tag for an entire barrel of this whiskey, approximately 250 bottles, swings from $9,000-$12,000 since no two whiskey barrels have the same volume — due to the alcohol that evaporates during maturation aka “the angel’s share.”

Single Barrel whiskey was first sold in 1997 and was such a hit that the distillery created the ‘By The Barrel‘ program a year later.

“Over the entire span of when the program has existed, the US military is the largest purchaser. It has been represented by base exchanges, individual units, as well as other on-base military entities like Officers’ Clubs,” Arnett said.

And in case you’re wondering, an average 560-pound barrel holds 53-gallons — which is more or less 250 bottles of whiskey.

Republished with permission from Cork&Cannon.

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