gettyimages 89622960 Your private doctor and VA are finally talking

Clinic office assistant Joan Vest searches for a patient’s mssplaced medical file. Connect Your Docs means this doesn’t have to happen ever again. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

By Jonathan Kaupanger

Your private doctor and the VA can finally share your healthcare information.

It’s part of a new program called Connect your Docs.

If you use non-VA health care providers that participate in the VA’s Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record program (current list of participating community providers can be found here), you can now share parts of your health care records, electronically.  Your doctors can finally securely share basic information such as allergies, medications or other health problems.

On the flip side, this also means your VA healthcare team gets access to key healthcare information in real time, which will help them make informed decisions on your health in record time.

And it’s really easy to sign up for this program as well.

First, download the authorization form, once you have that filled out you have three ways of signing up, online, mail or in person.  In any step of this process, if you have technical issues, you can call 800.983.0937 for help.

To sign up online you’ll need a premium eBenefits account. (You can go here for more information on that.):

  1. Log in at
  2. Go to Manage Health.
  3. Select Share your VA Medical Records
  4. Select Login to Manage My consent (Authorizations) and Preferences then select Start Consent (Authorization).
  5. Accept the terms and conditions – you must click yes to continue, then select Save and Continue.
  6. Mark the box and select Sign. Then you’ll be prompted to re-enter your username and password.
  7. Finally just click Reauthenticate. (This step may take a couple minutes to process.)

To sign up by mail, mail VA’s Form 10-0485 to the Release of Information Office at your local VAMC.  You can also take the form to the Release of Information Office in person as well.  Any time you want to cancel participation in this program, you can do it online or call 877.771.8537 and request a “stop sharing” form.

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