gettyimages 6257089941 Vet Story Podcast: Thanksgiving: Fat, Happy and Who does the dishes?

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

By Phil Briggs

In the latest episode of Vet Story, Reporters Phil Briggs and Jonathan Kaupanger recently talked about Thanksgiving traditions. Jonathan explained the 10 question trivia game he devised.  After playing it, we quickly realized that it can help your Thanksgiving party in the following ways; it will make you look smart and sophisticated, it will help you avoid any spontaneous conversations with your in-laws, and it will help determine who does the dishes. (Pro Tip: Listen to the podcast first, and get the answers.  Then while your relatives are busy getting dish pan hands, you can relax in your fat pants on the couch.) Happy Thanksgiving Merica!

About [guests]:

Jonanthan Kaupanger; US Navy Veteran, VA Reporter, Culinary Wizard, Historian and Thanksgiving Aficionado.

Phil Briggs; US Navy Veteran, Podcast Host, carnivore and beer enthusiast.

Covered in this episode:

  • What’s a male Turkey called?
  • Ben Franklin busts on Thomas Jefferson
  • White or Dark?
  • Americans are capable of eating who?
  • How much fat do we eat?
  • What fruits are native to America?
  • Your Mom

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