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NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 25: Shoppers walk inside a Macy’s store during Black Friday events on November 25, 2016 in New York City. The day after Thanksgiving, called Black Friday, is typically the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States. (Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images)

By Eric Dehm

If you’re anything like me, it’s an absolute nightmare scenario: the idea of heading out to a store or (god forbid) a mall in the wee hours of the morning, shortly after consuming somewhere in the vicinity of 20 pounds of food.

On the list of things I’d rather do, going out shopping on Black Friday is somewhere just ahead of being punched in the face… which coincidentally will likely happen to several Black Friday shoppers this week, as it does every year.

I will not be one of those people, and neither should you.

I am a sane, rational human being and, truth be told, I’m also a bit lazy. Particularly when filled with Turkey less than 24 hours prior. So your chances of seeing me at the local Best Buy, Target or any store on that day is equal to your chance of seeing a leprechaun show up riding his majestic unicorn.

But I’m still going to take part, from the comfort of my couch, via the magic of the internet. In fact, I’ve already started to look around and see what online deals might be worth paying attention to. I guess my focus is fairly typical for a 30-something veteran and dad. First off, we have an article up on some great deals from veteran-owned companies like Bottle Breacher and Grunt Style, so check those out. But first…

I like electronics, motorcycles, movies, music, video games, guns, sports and… not much else, really. So if you know somebody like me, or are somebody like me, this list of sites and deals might peak your interest.

Musician’s Friend 10-15% Off Selected Items

So this is a coupon code and it’s in place through November 25th. It’s for select items, sure, but there are 795 pages of those. And glancing through you can find anything from guitar picks to tuners to $35,000 Dynaudio monitors and of course a ton of different guitars and instruments. Now, the coupon code is a very sneaky one, so be sure to write this down so you won’t forget it: BLACKFRIDAY

Lucky Brand Jeans & Clothing 

topgun e1511362294774 Enjoy Black Friday from home with these deals

People will think you are Tom Cruise, or a real fighter pilot when you wear this shirt. Those are the only two options. (Lucky Brand)

I just bought 2 pairs of jeans this summer. As a typical male shopper, that means I won’t be in the market for a new pair for a good 20 years or so. That being said, Lucky are one of the brands I like, and for Black Friday, everything in their catalog is 50% off. One thing I am always on the lookout for is a good t-shirt and I’ve purchased several Lucky graphic tees over the years at the outlets in my home state of Connecticut. Looking at their selection of these, I see several I would like and they’re cheaper than the out of print ones I got at outlet prices while they were also on sale. So yeah, good deal. Good shirts too. They’re comfortable and soft. I’d put them in the “good gift idea” category.


site e1511362875685 Enjoy Black Friday from home with these deals

I zeroed in on this price as soon as I saw it… because it is a rifle scope. Get it? (New Egg)

There are too many deals that I like on this website to list. Computers, gaming systems and even a “Rock Solid Whole Body Vibration System” (whatever that is) that normally retails for $2,000 and is currently at $249! But the one that caught my eye is something for the eye. This Carl Zeiss illuminated scope with mounts normally goes for around $500 but it’s at $90 through Saturday.


I’m in the market for a new laptop, and noticed that if you’re a fan of Dell products, they’ve got a wide selection of laptops and computers available at a discount. Since I’m looking for a laptop, I checked and found discounts from $30-$200 depending on the model. I currently have a Lenovo Yoga 3-in-1 and I’ve enjoyed using it for the last few years. Lenovo has a variety of deals on their line of portable products as well, anywhere from 10-38% off.

Kate Spade

katespade Enjoy Black Friday from home with these deals

Kate Spade sells things my wife likes and her taste is impeccable in everything… except for men, obviously. (Kate Spade)

This one is for the ladies. I do not know anything about Kate Spade. I don’t know if it’s a real person or just a brand name. But I do know this: whatever Kate Spade is, it makes things that my wife likes. Looking at their website, it appears that this includes clothes, bags, jewelry, shoes and a bunch of other stuff. It also appears that if you use the code GIVEJOY you will get 30% off of nearly everything they sell.

X-Box One S

xbbf1 Enjoy Black Friday from home with these deals

For $199 the Battlefield 1 bundle might even tempt a Playstation fanboy/girl. (Microsoft)

When it comes to gaming, I prefer the XBox One. If you are interested in explaining to me why the Playstation is a superior machine, my E-mail address is below. Be sure to put “Playstation” in the subject line so that I know to read it, change my long-held opinion and definitely not delete it immediately. I’m sure there are great deals on the PS Slim out there. But the slimmer, smaller version of the X-Box One is available in a variety of bundles that have me thinking “Maybe I need a second one for the bedroom.” And if you haven’t played Battlefield 1, an amazing take on WW1 combat, check this out: Amazon has a limited number of the game and console combo available for $199.


fathed Enjoy Black Friday from home with these deals

The customized Fathed in this picture does not seem to be for sale on their site, which seems to be an oversight on their part, because it is awesome. (Fathed)

The company that has allowed kids of all ages to put full-size vinyl decals of their favorite characters or athletes on their walls is offering 25% off their entire inventory. This includes their customizable wall hangings where you send them a picture and they make it. Now you can go a couple of ways with this. You can be a good parent and get one of your kid doing what they love, which is a very nice idea. But let me ask you a question: Can you think of anyone you know whose life wouldn’t be improved by having a life-sized version of you, or maybe their least favorite photo of themselves, put on their wall? Perhaps without their knowledge? Of course you can’t. And now you know you can get that done at 75% of the cost. You’re welcome.

These are just a few that caught my eye, and as there are going to be more deals arriving over the next few days you’ll want to be sure to keep your eyes open and check your favorite websites regularly for updates.

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