aaaaa Zero Hour Media helps vets sell themselves

photo courtesy Tristan Flannery

by Jake Hughes

When former Army Ranger Tristan Flannery got out of the military in 2003, he had a problem.

“We were told that everything was going to be awesome, that people would just throw themselves in front of us to hire us first, but that just wasn’t true.” Like many veterans, he was told that his military skills didn’t translate to the civilian life, that he needed a degree, or that he needed several real world jobs under his belt.

After Tristan worked abroad for the state department and the DoD for ten years, his friend and future business partner Joe Rare tried to convince him to break into marketing, which confused him at first.

“I didn’t understand it. I didn’t see the value.” Eventually, though, Tristan agreed to help found a marketing company, and Zero Hour Media was born.

Zero Hour Media is a digital marketing company that, through business launch coaching, digital media services, and growth strategies, aims to change the business narrative with a focus on video and social media. With clients such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Bunker Labs, it’s clear that they are doing just that.

Despite his current success, Tristan struggled to break out of his post-military slump. He lacked confidence, a difficulty he thinks a lot of veterans bring on themselves.

“We tend to jokingly call each other not smart, but the truth is it’s a self-imposed handicap. That’s the only thing holding us back from whatever we want to achieve.” And he’s doing his part to help out. Zero Hour Media tries to hire as many veterans as possible. The company is, “50% veterans and 50% patriots,” according to Tristan.

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