Yes, there is a way for veterans to get a personalized home buying experience

gettyimages 161108103 Yes, there is a way for veterans to get a personalized home buying experience

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When it comes using your VA home loan some mortgage companies treat you like a number.

“[At] a lot of companies, you’ll get your mortgage through them and then they’ll sell it right away… As a full-service lender, once we originate that loan, we are going to keep that loan and that’s really important to us as a company… We are not going to sell your loan,” says Alex Finley, Senior VP of Portfolio Retention at Freedom Mortgage.

“Through our ‘Customer for Life’ initiative, we realize that throughout someone’s life they’re going to have different financial needs and the home is a perfect way to accomplish a lot of those financial goals,” Finley adds.

What’s more, Freedom Mortgage loan specialists are trained to account for the unique needs of military families. “We’ve developed veteran awareness training to help our employees understand the frame of reference the veterans are coming from.”

“Some of that just helps [everyone] understand the jargon. Most of them have the phonetic alphabet on their desk and try to speak in terms that are familiar. Because we realize that some of the language, the way things are presented, even just the initial introductions, should be delivered in a certain way.”

If you’re concerned about what the VA loan process may look like for you, speak with a Freedom Mortgage loan specialist about your specific situation anytime at 800-601-0770, or apply online today.

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